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Travel Animals is a unique travel company specialising in expeditions through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

We run tours that are both intense and rewarding. Real travel experiences that will leave you, and your camera, filled with memories of friendly local people, expansive moonscape terrains, glistening turquoise alpine lakes and so much more.

Taking in the remarkable, breath-taking scenery of these two unspoilt countries is a challenging, but ultimately rewarding experience.

We offer a variety of trips, which include crossing remote regions of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and following the Pamir Highway, made famous by Marco Polo. Few travellers ever have the opportunity to explore some of these difficult to reach, extreme areas of the world.

Whether your dream is to stay in a yurt with a nomadic family, capture stunning images of amazing landscapes or be immersed in historical culture, Travel Animals has the perfect trip for you!

2020 Trips

We're running five trips throughout the summer season of 2020. Three 12-day Kyrgyzstan Expeditions, a 16-day Pamir Highway Expedition and a 16-day Wakhan Valley Expedition.

Kyrgyzstan Expedition 12 days

Krygyzstan Expedition

Pamir Highway Expedition 16 days

Pamir Highway

Wakhan Valley Expedition 16 days

Wakhan Valley