Friends and Associates

Thank you to all of the following!

Will and Karen, aka Madventure.  For all of their help, support, experience and knowledge. They run awesome tours all over the world, check them out!

Steven and Saule, aka Caravanistan. THE go to portal for absolutely everything Central Asian.

Grant and Nic, aka The Dobsons. For the inspiration, support……..and photographs. A friendship borne from the love of travelling.

Alastair Graham, aka Al. The Fox, Cat and Snail characters were created by him. He’s an awesome artist, have a look at his stuff.

And his book, in association with our writer friend Andy Golden….it’s fantasmagorical!!

Jel, aka Jel. He’s the clever dude who put our website together and is on call 24/7 to make sure we don’t make a *%$£$& of things.

Thanks dude!!!........

Check out his techy work here:

All of our Friends and Families. For believing in us, supporting us and tolerating us. We know, we just stay for free and dump our stuff at your places!!! ... indefinitely!

We’ll pay you all back one day!

……and of course, all of our other Associates.