Our Philosophy And Business Ethics

Now that you’ve checked out our trips and read the somewhat light-hearted banter about us, it’s time for the serious stuff.

During our years of travelling we’ve witnessed many atrocious instances of tourism in its worst possible forms. Disrespectful attitudes, damage to the environment, a lack of understanding... the list goes on and on.

It’s of paramount importance to us, as individuals and as a business, to not fall into those categories or adopt those attitudes. We whole-heartedly embrace an ecologically and culturally sensitive approach to tourism that is not only easily maintained but, more importantly, easy to sustain.

Our ethics dictate that we work in conjunction and harmony with the people of these countries, bringing much needed income to small family businesses and individuals who struggle with the poor economy and the tiny amount of current tourism.

We are not interested in the mass expansion of our business, but much more concerned with enhancing and supporting the very cultures that we all so passionately want to experience.

There's no staying in big flashy hotels or eating at western fast food restaurants. Instead we support local accommodation owners and traditional food establishments.

As far as we're concerned, there’s absolutely no point travelling to these regions unless we give something back to the hard working, humble people who rely largely on passing trade. We work solely with local businesses, families, craftsmen and so on, thus ensuring your experience is as authentic as possible.

Our Mission Statement:


Complete respect and immersion into the history and traditions of the people who live and work in these incredible countries.


Working in conjunction with the local people as they develop their own small businesses, helping to ensure their sustainability.


Low-cost tourism, designed to offer a truly authentic and unique way of experiencing these lesser known regions of Central Asia.


Come and Enjoy Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan with us.