Who Are Travel Animals?

Travel Animals is owned and operated by Brenda De Kater, aka ‘The Cat’ and Adam Fox, aka ‘The Fox’. Two adventurous creatures who have been travelling the globe perpetually since 2006.

Whilst globetrotting their way around the world, they’ve learned a thing or two about tourism. Whether as independent adventurers or as professional crew, they have travelled and lived in many different countries. They’ve driven the Pamir Highway many times and have run numerous trips throughout Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Their backgrounds couldn’t be more varied, but their passion for travel and adventure are remarkably similar.

Whether guiding in the jungles of Mexico, driving across the Himalayas or cooking for 40 passengers in the Turkmenistan desert, they’ve been there and done it.

They even have the (somewhat worn) T-shirts too!

Travel Animals - Brenda De Kater

‘The Cat’ caught her travel bug when relocating from The Netherlands to North America to escape a mundane home life.

Working for years as a guide in the jungles of Mexico toughened her up, and combined with other assignments such as multiple overland expeditions from London to Sydney, ‘The Cat’ honed her abilities and knowledge to terrifying levels. She is the logistics master of the operation, with a degree in Tourism and Cross-Cultural Studies, she’s Multi-lingual and multi-faceted.

‘The Cat’ is definitely the brainy one!

Travel Animals -The Cat

Travel Animals - Adam Fox

‘The Fox’ was a relatively late starter.

After pursuing  a 25-year career as a music producer and musician it was time to leave his den to explore the big wide world, where he too caught the travel bug.

He’s done a lot of travelling and has permanently dirty paws, keeping overland trucks running and driving on roads that, quite honestly, should never be driven on.

‘The Fox’, apparently, is the more practical one!

Travel Animals -The Fox

These two animals met when assigned to run an overland expedition in 2014, and have travelled and worked together ever since. Using their combined knowledge, experience, dedication and motivation, Travel Animals is now alive and kicking.

Welcome to OUR world.

What Do Travel Animals Do?

We provide a unique way for adventure tourists and travellers to explore the more difficult to reach regions of both Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

The third animal in our small, independent mobile zoo is unlike any other known gastropod. ‘The Snail’ is a proper beast!

Designed and built in the U.K., our tame 4x4 overland truck gives us the capability of venturing into areas that lesser vehicles fear. As comfy inside as possible and fully equipped, it's your reliable ride across the inhospitable, often extreme alpine plains and mountainous regions of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. It will provide safe and secure transport during your entire trip.






‘The Snail’ travels at a leisurely pace, allowing you to take in the spectacular views, ancient architecture, diverse cultures, crafts and traditions.

Off-road, and sometimes on, we will get you to from A to B with the minimum fuss or bother, although some days it can get pretty bumpy!!


Hail The Snail!




Travel Animals - The Snail

Why Do We Do It This Way?

There is a degree of reasoning behind it all.....honestly!


Whilst 'The Snail' is more than capable of crossing these regions at anytime of year, previous experience prevails. Battling with the extreme, often dangerous weather conditions that the colder months bring in these countries, is not much fun. Trust us, we've done it!

So we believe the best time to visit Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan is June to September. During these months the spectacular flora is breathtaking, making the geography even more dramatic. The fair weather season also allows you the unique opportunity to stay in a yurt with a nomadic family and experience their traditional way of life.

Although we try our very best to run each trip to schedule, unforeseen circumstances may impact the timings or routes. Conditions can change quickly and dramatically due to natural occurrences such as landslides, floods, sandstorms and so on. It goes without saying, (even though we’re saying it), that we’re not driving on modern super highways. Be prepared for the unexpected!

We recommend that you approach our tours with an open mind, and you’ll have the very best experience.

Our trips are not part of any hop-on, hop-off tour or longer expedition.  They are run by us, point to point, and are not contracted out to local operators.




The Anatomy of an Overland Truck


The Cat, The Fox & The Snail together are

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